Drilling Solutions


The Royall rig fleet represents the vastly different physiological provinces of Virginia in the groundwater industry. From standard small scale residential construction to larger diameter wells, Royall’s rigs provide solutions for any scale or environment.

The Royall Difference

What makes us special is our broad range of drilling diameters, service offerings and experience capabilities —- all without the need for multiple third-party contractors. At Royall, we are experts of many drilling technologies and geology formations. Our rigs are all routinely maintained and are among the most technologically advanced in the industry.

Residential Wells

Royall constructs 6″ water wells for family residences all over the greater Richmond area in accordance with the Virginia Department of Health permit standards. When you hire Royall to provide you and your family water, we work to keep it safe and by all means, sustainable for your use.


Royall provides design solutions for your home or facility’s energy efficient mechanical system. As an IGHSPA accredited design and installer, we provide turn-key installation for your ground source heat exchanger from the bore hole to the header system with regulated flow through the units.

municipal Wells

Royall works with state agencies to provide deep and large diameter wells through karst, limestone, and granite formations. Drilling depths have exceeded 1,000 feet with as much as 24 inches in diameter to address the demand of the well’s water supply in accordance to the well design.


Royall solves solutions for for all types of corporate water needs here in Virginia and the surrounding states. From industrial water supplies to elevator shafts and test holes – we can provide them all. Our drilling capabilities enables us to move through revealing geologic concerns with ease.


Growing water demands for public support. See how our Dual Rotary Rig provided large diameter solutions.


View our past projects and put worries to rest as we construct water wells with the highest quality products and with the most up-to-date equipment for any formation and diameter.


See what we do and how we do it. Our videos provide insight to our working environments, project scope, and equipment to get the job done.

All private well construction is based on establishing the right location for the well, sizing the system correctly and choosing the proper construction techniques.  Only a professional water well contractor should install a well.  We know the hydrogeology in your area and all the local codes and regulations for wells.  We also have the modern equipment and expertise needed to make sure that your well is properly constructed to meet the water needs of your family.

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